​“Each year a small, courageous group of students is transformed by their exposure to master classes, lectures, performances, and the city itself. La MaMa, a center of innovation and experimentation in its own right, is the program’s perfect home. There is no other program like it.”

 -Judy Dworin

Trinity/La MaMa Co-Founder

Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts Semester in New York City

La MaMa wins 2018 Tony Award for best Regional Theatre!!! Watch the acceptance speech HERE .

The Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts program is committed to urban, place-based learning and utilizes the landscape and history of New York City to provide a total immersion experience in the unique and vibrant theater, dance, and performance communities. With the goal of fostering artistic, academic, and personal growth, students are challenged inside and outside the classroom to experience New York City as a laboratory for real-world learning. The semester culminates with an original student-generated ensemble performance event presented by La MaMa at one if its renowned theaters and Trinity College in Hartford, CT.


The Trinity/La MaMa Semester includes these exciting features: 

•    Diverse and challenging practice classes in dance, acting, and performance
•    An arts field study at producing venues throughout the city
•    Attendance at multiple shows at diverse venues in New York every week
•    Master classes with an array of cutting-edge artists
•    Guest speakers discussing contemporary performance trends
•    An opportunity to develop an ensemble performance piece that is performed at La MaMa and Trinity College

​​Trinity/La MaMa promotional video

Please contact Program Director Barbara Karger for more information.


March 1st - Application Deadline