Accepted Students

Once students have been accepted to their Approved External Program, there are just a couple more steps that are needed.

1. Confirm your program.  Go back into the Horizons database system where you completed your Request to Study Away and complete post-acceptance which will be a new section in your Request.  Please tell us the specific program you will be studying on and upload your acceptance email/letter.

2. Submit your Application for Transfer Credit to the Registrar. By now you should have already discussed courses and credit with your academic adviser and identified some classes you want to take abroad.  You need to complete and submit an Application for Transfer Credit to the Registrar, along with all course descriptions

3. Attend the Trinity pre-departure orientation.  All students accepted to a study away programs must attend a pre-departure orientation at the end of semester.  You will receive an email from the Trinity Office of Study Away with information about when and where it will be held.  This is also a good time to meet others students that are going on your program or on another program but in the same location.  

4. Review all materials from your program. You will receive program and location specific information from your program directly.  Be sure to educate your self on all the materials and information you receive about your program specifically.  Some programs will also have online orientations to compliment the Trinity one and prepare you for the on-site orientation you will receive upon arrival.