Student Support Services

It goes without saying that the more prepared students are for their time abroad, whether it is for a summer, semester or year, the less anxious they will feel going into it and the more they will get from it.  The study away advisers in the Trinity Office of Study Away work very closely with students to prepare them for success abroad but also to support them while they are away and to help them adjust when they return home.

Pre-Departure orientation

All students must attend a pre-departure orientation prior to the start of their program.  Each Trinity administered program has their own specific orientation.  These orientations contain​ a lot of important information for the students about packing, what to expect upon arrival, money, health, safety, and country-specific information on culture and customs.

Trinity students going on Approved External programs are required to attend a general pre-departure orientation.  This includes general information about Trinity policies and the code of conduct, as well as general information about money, health and safety.  Students will receive much more detailed information on their specific program and location from their program directly.

While away

Students are encouraged to stay in contact with their study away adviser during their time abroad and to communicate any questions or concerns early on so they can be addressed right away.  

Back home

Upon returning home, students often have questions about the credit they earned, how they can use what they learned abroad back here at home or how to get back abroad again!  Their Trinity study away adviser is still there for them to answer these questions and any others that come up.