The Study Away Process

The information on this page pertains to semester or year study away only. Instructions for summer study away can be found on our Summer Study Away page.

Sophomores & Juniors

Each September, Sophomores and Juniors who are academically eligible to study away for a semester or year (GPA 2.5+) are automatically enrolled in a Trinity College Study Away course in Moodle, where they find step-by-step guidance to the study away process. The steps that students see in Moodle are the same as those that appear in the "Study Away Process" section below.
GPA requirements: Unfortunately, it is not possible for students with GPAs below 2.5 to study away for a semester or year. Even with a GPA between 2.5-2.8, it is often difficult for a student to find a program that meets their goals/interests and will accept them. Students with GPAs between 2.8-3.0 are generally able to find several programs that meet their needs; students with GPAs above 3.0 have many options.  GPA requirements for the Trinity College semester programs can be found here.

First Year Students

First Year students and semester study away: First year students cannot enter the semester study away process during their first semester at Trinity, because they do not yet have an academic record that would make them eligible for a study away program. It is possible for motivated first year students to study away fall term of their Sophomore year, if they begin study away advising at the start of the spring term prior. If, at any time, you speak with a first year student who is thinking about studying away, please encourage them to contact the Office of Study Away for information.

First Year students and summer study away: First Year students are welcome to apply to study away on a summer program during spring term of their first year. Students can study on summer programs any time, from summer after first year to summer after junior year.

 The Study Away Process

 In order to study away for a semester or year, students complete the steps below. These are the same steps that eligible students see when logged into the Trinity College Study Away course in Moodle.

STEP 1: Complete an Interactive Study Away Info Presentation
In order to study away for a semester or year, students must first watch an online presentation in Moodle. The presentation gives students an understanding of the different study away program options and the process of requesting to study away and then applying to a program. Students are required to watch the entire presentation (and answer several quiz questions that pop up during the presentation to indicate an understanding of the study away process) before moving on to the next step.

STEP 2: (Optional) Make an Appointment with a Global Ambassador.
This is the only optional step in the study away process but is highly recommended. Global Ambassadors are students who have studied away on Trinity programs and returned, and they are trained to help students consider a broad range of factors before choosing a program (avoiding choosing a program solely based on where their friends are going). They provide a student perspective on the study away process and help students understand how things that they learned about during the info presentation (different types of housing options on the programs, for example) can impact a study away experience.

STEP 3: Make an Appointment and Meet with a Study Away Advisor
Once they have watched the info presentation (and met with a Global Ambassador, if they chose to do so), students must meet with a study away advisor. Study away advisors are experienced staff members who have lived, studied, and/or traveled abroad extensively. Trinity’s study away advisors are committed to helping students choose destinations and programs that are aligned with their academic and professional interests. During advising, students are told that they must meet with their academic advisor and a faculty member in the department that they believe they will major in before deciding on a program.

STEP 4: Submit a Request to Study Away
After meeting with a study away advisor, students are able to submit an online request to study away, which provides official indication of their intent to study away.  Students find the link to the request in the Moodle course. Requests are reviewed by Study Away Advisors and are typically denied ONLY if a student is requesting to study away on a program for which they are not academically eligible (in which case, they are asked to come in for advising to discuss other options that they are eligible for).

Once a request has been approved, students are placed on the college’s official study away list. A registration hold is placed on their account for the term(s) of study away approval, they are removed from the housing lottery, and they receive information about applying to a study away program.

STEP 5: Apply to a Program
Following approval of their request to study away, each student is assigned a study away advisor who works with them throughout the process of applying to their program. Their study away advisor follows up with them as deadlines approach, reminds them to meet with faculty about course options, and ensures that students officially withdrawn from study away if they change their mind so that they are able to register for courses in Hartford.

At this stage in the process, students almost always need a recommendation from a faculty member. 
Study away advisors tell students that they should request permission from faculty before providing their information in the recommendation sections their program applications. When reading faculty recommendations, program admissions staff are usually looking for answers to two questions:
  • Does it appear, from the faculty perspective, that the student is choosing a program that will complement their studies in Hartford?
  • Does the faculty member have any concerns about the student's ability to be academically successful in the context of the program to which he or she is applying?
STEP 6: Officially Confirm or Withdraw
Once students have been admitted to a program and decide to accept their place, they are required to complete a brief online confirmation form for the Office of Study Away (students find the link in the Moodle course).


From the time that students confirm to study on a program up to the time of departure, advisors in the Office of Study Away are available to students and parents to answer questions and provide pre-departure advice and information.
Students studying on Trinity programs receive detailed location-specific pre-departure preparation from Trinity College staff and faculty, in addition to information and guidance to get the most out of their experience​ and keep personal safety in mind.

Students studying on Approved External programs receive information and guidance from the Office of Study Away to help them get the most out of their experience and keep personal safety in mind. Staff from the program that they enroll in provide location-specific advice and information, instructions to follow on arrival day, etc.