The Trinity College Field School in Akko, Israel: Archaeology, Conservation, and Heritage Summer Program offers a four-week archaeological summer program. Students are enroll in one course  worth 2 Trinity credits (7 credit hours). For Summer 2016, the following courses will be offered: 

Archaeological Excavation (CLCV 300)

The main components of this course are archaeological excavation, recording, field analysis, and preservation. Through site tours, field trips, workshops, and a lecture series, students also study the major historical and archaeological periods represented in Akko and the larger context in which Akko functioned. This multidisciplinary course contributes to majors in anthropology, classical studies, history, international studies, Jewish studies, and religion, and minors in architectural studies, classical antiquity, and the classical tradition. No prerequisites.​ 

Prof. Martha Risser. 2 Trinity credits (7 credit  hours)​.

Advanced Level Independent Study (CLCV 301)

This advanced-level course emphasizes an original research project and/or training for supervisory fieldwork. Requirements include public presentations in Akko and on the Trinity College campus. Students in CLCV 301 are engaged in advanced research that may include the foundation of a senior thesis. If thesis research is anticipated, the student’s written project proposal must be approved by his/her academic adviser as well as the instructor. Cross listed with religion. Students majoring in anthropology, history, international studies, public policy, or other areas may be able to get credit toward the major. Prerequisites: CLCV 300, acceptance of a written project proposal, and permission of the instructor. Please contact Prof. Martha K Risser for more information. 

Prof. Martha Risser. 2 Trinity credits (7 credit hours)​.