Want to Study Away? Here's How to Get Started!

Interested in studying away during the 2019-2020 academic year? You must first receive Trinity College approval to study away.  Students who have a  2.5 GPA and are in good academic and social standing are eligible to submit their request to study away.  

 Semester Study Away Process

Students interested in studying away during the 2019-2020 Academic Year should follow the steps outlined below during the 2018-2019 academic year.  Please see the study away deadlines to your right. 

1.    Attend the Annual Study Away Fair - All students should plan to attend the annual Study Away Fair on Oct. 18, 2018, from 11:30am-1:30pm in the Washington Room. The Fair is a great opportunity to speak with returned study away students, faculty affiliated with study away, as well as with representatives from approved external programs.

2.    Watch the Study Away 101 Video -  This video guides you through the process and will answer a lot of your questions!  

3.    Meet with a Study Away Advisor Once you have watched Study Away 101, you then meet a Study Away Advisor. Please choose the advisor who advises for your program/location. If you are unsure of where you want to go, you can select any advisor. 

To schedule an appointment, please visit the OSA online scheduling system.

4.    Submit a Request to Study Away - Now that you know about the process, and have met with an advisor it is time to fill out and submit your request to study away.  Click here to access the Request to Study Away.​

Summer and J-Term Study Away

 Trinity College is pleased to offer a variety of study away options outside the regular academic year. The following is a tentative list of study away programs that will be offered during January and Summer 2019 terms:

•    January Term Study Away – Trinidad, Paris, Tanzania, and Brazil.

•    Summer Study Away – Rome, Berlin, and and and srael.

The process to participate on a summer or J-Term program is different than the semester process.

  • Summer and J-Term programs are great for students who do not want to   ​spend a semester aboard, but want still want a study away experience.

  • Students can study in summer and J-Term programs starting their first year. 

  • Students interested in Summer and J-Term study away do NOT have to submit a Request to Study Away. 
  • ​​Students will apply directly to the summer or J-Term program by the program deadline. 
  • Summer programs can range from three to 5 weeks. Students will take either 1 or two courses​ based on the duration of their program and will earn 1-2 credits. 
  • J-Term programs are up to 2 weeks long. Students will take one course and earn .05 credits. 
  • Please click here to access  information on J-Term Programs.
  • Please click here to access summer program information. 
​For more information on how to study on an approved external summer program please CLICK HERE.​ 


Contact the Office of Study Away studyaway@trincoll.edu​ with any questions.

New Study Away Deadlines
Spring 2019

Program Applications 
due Oct. 5

Academic Year 2019-2020

Request to Study Away
due Dec. 15

Program Applications 
due Mar. 15

Fall 2019

Request to Study Away
due Dec. 15

Program Applications
due Mar. 15

Spring 2020

Request to Study Away
due May 10

Program Applications
due Oct. 5

Summer 2019

Trinity Summer 
Program Applications  
due Mar. 1