Want to Study Away? Here's How to Get Started!

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                  External Program Request to Study Away​

Summer and J-Term Study Away

 Trinity College is pleased to offer a variety of study away options outside the regular academic year. The process to participate on a summer or J-Term program is different than the semester process above.

  • Summer and J-Term programs are great for students who do not want to ​spend a semester abroad, but still want a study away experience, OR for students who want to add additional abroad experiences to their semester study away.

  • Students can study in summer and J-Term programs starting their first year. 

  • Students interested in Trinity Summer and J-Term study away only need to complete a program application.
  • Students interested in external (non-Trinity)Summer programs need to submit a Summer Request to Study Away.
  • ​​Students will apply directly to the summer or J-Term program by the program deadline. 
  • Summer programs can range from 3 to 5 weeks. Students will take either one or two courses​ based on the duration of their program and will earn 1-2 credits. 
  • J-Term programs are up to 2 weeks long. Students will take one course and earn .50 credits. 
  • Please click here to access  information on J-Term Programs.
  • Please click here to access summer program information. 
​For more information on how to study on an approved external summer program please CLICK HERE.​ 


Contact the Office of Study Away studyaway@trincoll.edu​ with any questions.​ ​​​​