Tanaka Fund for International Research

In 2002 Trinity was awarded a generous grant by the Tanaka Memorial Foundation establishing an endowed fund to allow students to pursue formal research projects abroad, with a special focus on Asia, during the months of July and August through grants of up to $3,000.

Student projects funded in recent years include:
  • A study of ethnic Lhotshampa refugees in Nepal
  • An exploration of the consequences of the One Child Policy in China
  • A study of the treatment of orphans in North and South Korea
  • An examination of women's roles in Japan and China through the lens of women's Olympic wrestling
  • An investigation of the social and economic impact of emigration on Fuzhounese villages in China
  • A first-hand study of the impact of large-scale transport infrastructure development leading up to the 2008 Summer Olympics on subsequent commuting and residential life in Beijing, China


The Tanaka Student Research Fund, established with the generous support of the Tanaka Memorial Foundation in Tokyo, is designed to support independent fieldwork in Asia by Trinity students. This fieldwork may be part of a larger project, such as a senior thesis or it may be a study that the student wishes to pursue out of his or her own intellectual curiosity and desire to better understand  an aspect of the culture, economy, or politics of an Asian country.   

Application Procedure:

Questions about the student research fund should be directed to Gabby Nelson, gabriell.nelson@trincoll.edu.

Past Winners of the Tanaka Award