Grossman Global Studies Fund

The Kenneth S. Grossman ’78 Global Studies Fund, established in honor of Professor Eugene E. Leach, supports student investigations of global issues that confront humankind in the 21st century.  Examples of such issues include human rights, peacekeeping, the preservation of the ecosphere, migrations and diasporas, international health standards, and the consequences of revolutionary advances in information technology and bioengineering.

Grossman Research Grants for Global Studies

All students undertaking investigations in global issues for a Trinity course or under the supervision of a Trinity faculty member are eligible to apply ​for grants from the Grossman Fund to attend conferences, visit libraries, conduct fieldwork, or offset other research-related expenses during Summer 2019. 

A faculty committee meets each year in April to evaluate applications and to determine the amount of grants.  The maximum grant, ordinarily, will not exceed $1,000.

Students awarded grants are expected to make use of their funding by September of the following year, or, in the case of seniors, by graduation, and to submit a report to the Center for Urban and Global Studies describing the activities made possible by the grant.

The Grossman Senior Research ​Prize for Global Studies

The Grossman Fund also supports an annual prize competition for theses or senior research projects dealing with global issues.  Eligible work includes theses or other projects based on original research undertaken for a Trinity course, or under the supervision of a Trinity faculty member in a student's senior year.   Nominations of eligible work must be received from the supervising faculty member by April 2019.   (Specific date to be announced later.)

A faculty committee meets each year in April to evaluate applications and to determine the winners.

  • First prize will carry a cash award of $400
  • Second prize will carry a cash award of $100
  • Prizes and certificates will be awarded on Honors Day


Senior theses or projects should be submitted by April 12, 2019 for the Grossman Prize. 


The review committee for both the research grant and senior research prize is chaired by Xiangming Chen, Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of Global Studies and Sociology, Dean and Director of the Center for Urban & Global Studies. Additional members include Julie Gamble, Assistant Professor of Urban Studies; Emily Yen, Kelter Postdoctoral Fellow in Urban Studies, CUGS; and Yuan Cheng, Thomas Visiting Professor from Fudan University.

Congratulations to Past Winners of the Grossman Prize


Chinmay Rayarikar '17 received first prize for his  theis, " Rwanda: Development towards Authoritarianism?"

Austen Peterson '17 received second prize for his thesis, " Exporting Strategies for Urban Livability:  Examining Copenhagen, Denmark as a Model City for Quality of Life Generated through Urban Design"


Ivan Su '16 received first prize for his thesis, "The Energence and Shift of the 'Chocolate City':  The Socio-spatial Dimensions of the African Community in Southern China and its Implications"
Simona Fried '16 received second prize for her thesis, "Can Neighborhood Change Theory Explain the Changes of Woodstock, Cape Town?"
Elliot Barron '15 received first prize for his senior thesis, "The New York Times' and the London Times' Effect on Establishing Neoliberalism in the Early to Mid-1980s".
Nicole Elena Muto-Graves '15 received second prize for her senior thesis, "Trinidadian Musical Influence in Hartford"



All questions regarding Grossman Research Grants or the Grossman Prize should be directed to , Administrative Assistant, Center for Urban and Global Studies.