Recent Projects

Trinfo.Café has successfully developed collaborations with dozens of community organizations participating in the Smart Neighborhood Initiative. Trinfo.Café has forged these relationships into a powerful model: By providing technology training and programming services to members or clients of these organizations, the real winners are the participants, who gain access to entirely new world of information.
Currently, Trinfo.Café is providing keyboarding and introductory classes in Spanish to dozens of neighborhood residents. Trinfo.Café provides professional development training in English and Spanish to any resident living in Hartford. Trinity students teach all of Trinfo.Café's classes, as well as develop new technology-based programs for community organizations.


Building off the success of the community organization model, Trinfo.Café began establishing relationships with community groups in neighborhood public schools. These organizations were running the schools’ Family Resource Centers or running after school programs.  They were interested in supplementing their programming with computer literacy classes.


Trinfo.Café has partnered with the Montessori Magnet School at the Learning Corridor to provide afterschool technology programming to youths aged 6-10 years old.  The customized program, now in its fifth year, is called Tech For Tykes, and is designed to be age appropriate and develop a broad range of basic technology skills.
The success of the Montessori collaboration opened new opportunities to extend similar programming to Organized Parents Make a Difference (OPMAD) and their summer program.  For the last four summers, Trinity students have taught custom-themed programs to more than 200 youths in four neighborhood schools.


Trinfo.Café provides direct support to faculty who have integrated a CLI component into their classes.  Even though Trinfo.Café was designed to be a community development program, today's Trinfo.Café is a bridge that provides access for Trinity students and faculty to more than 150 community organizations. 

For more information about these activities, please contact Carlos Espinosa at 860-297-4277 or via e-mail at 


 Besides offering a broad range of computer literacy workshops, Trinfo.Café provides a host of other services including, customized technology programs for community organizations, Web design and maintenance, and consulting services.  These fee-based services augment Trinfo.Café's free programs for residents and community organization.  Please visit our Web site for more information.