Through its more than 25-year history, Southside Institutions Neighborhoods Alliance (SINA) has evolved as a trusted partner and a highly effective force for positive change in the neighborhoods that surround its member institutions. Its success has also brought it national recognition as a model for community revitalization.

What would become SINA originally came together as a committee with representatives from Hartford Hospital, The Institute of Living, and Trinity College in late 1976. Named SINA in 1977, the group worked on issues of mutual concern with a variety of activist community organizations. Principal among those organizations was Hartford Areas Rally Together (HART), which, by the mid-1970's, had successfully organized a large network of neighborhood block clubs.

Today, SINA is a partnership between Connecticut Children's Medical Center, Hartford Hospital, and Trinity College.  SINA leverages the infusion of confidence contributed by the success of the Learning Corridor and its own broad network of partnerships to implement and expand the initiatives outlined in its original vision. It has been successful in reversing the negative trend in homeownership, stimulated renewal of the neighborhood's principal commercial corridor, opened up employment opportunities for neighborhood residents, acted as an economic development catalyst for neighborhood businesses, and provided leadership for comprehensive neighborhood strategies. In the process, it is fashioning a national model for neighborhood revitalization.

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Executive Director:  Melvyn Colón

Phone: (860) 493-1618
FAX: (860) 520-1359

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Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance, Inc.
Institute of Living
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