CUGS Library

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  • The World of Cities: Places in Comparative and Historical Perspective
    By Xiangming Chen and Anthony Orum
  • Global City Regions: Trends, Theory, Policy
    Editor Allen J. Scott 
  • The Urban Transformation of the Developing World
    By Josef Gugler 
  • Cities in a World Economy (Sociology for a New Century Series)
    By Saskia Sassen
  • Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found
    By Suketu Mehta 
  • The Making of Global City Regions: Johannesburg, Mumbai/Bombay, São Paulo, and Shanghai (Johns Hopkins Studies in Globalization)
    Editor Klaus Segbers 
  • Sociology of Globalization (Contemporary Societies Series)
    By Saskia Sassen 
  • Planet of Slums
    By Mike Davis 
  • The Concrete Dragon: China’s Urban Revolution and What it Means for the World
    By Thomas J. Campanella 
  • Spaces of Global Capitalism: A Theory of Uneven Geographical Development
    By David Harvey 
  • The Sustainable Urban Development Reader (Routledge Urban Reader Series)
    Editors Stephen M. Wheeler and Timothy Beatley 
  • Shanghai Rising: State Power and Local Transformation in a Global Megacity
    Editor Xiangming Chen 
  • The Endless City
    Editors Ricky Burdett and Deyan Sudjic 
  • The River at the Center of the World: A Journey Up the Yangtze, and Back in Chinese Time
    by Simon Winchester 
  • Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters, a New Urban World
    By Robert Neuwirth 
  • The Polycentric Metropolis: Learning from Mega-City Regions in Europe
    Editors Peter Hall and Kathryn Pain 
  • The Global Cities Reader (Routledge Urban Reader Series)
    Editor Neil Brenner 
  • The City: A Global History
    By Joel Kotkin 
  • The Global City: New York, London, Tokyo
    By Saskia Sassen 
  • Unsettling Cities: Movement/Settlement
    By John Allen 
  • Lost Geographies of Power
    By John Allen 
  • New York, Chicago, Los Angeles: America’s Global Cities
    By Janet L. Abu-Lughod 
  • Territory, Authority, Rights: From Medieval to Global Assemblages
    By Saskia Sassen 
  • Beneath The Metropolis
    By Alex Marshall 
  • Empire City: New York Through The Centuries
    Editors Kenneth T. Jackson & David S. Dunbar 
  • Inheriting the City: The Children of Immigrants Come of Age
    By Philip Kasinitz, John H. Mollenkopf, Mary C. Waters, Jennifer Holdaway 
  • The Historical Atlas of New York City: A Visual Celebration of Nearly 400 Years of New York City's History
    By Eric Homberger
  • Significance: Statistics Making Sense
    By Royal Statistical Society
  • The Lexus and the Olive Tree
    By Thomas L. Friedman 
  • Taming the Disorderly City: The Spatial Landscape of Johannesburg after Apartheid
    By Martin J. Murray 
  • The Blackwell City Reader - Second Edition
    Editors Gary Bridge and Sophie Watson 
  • Yangtze: Nature, History, and the River
    By Lyman P. Van Slyke 
  • A World of Gangs: Armed Young Men and Gansta Culture
    By John M. Hagedorn 
  • There Goes the Neighborhood: Racial, Ethnic, and Class Tensions in Four Chicago
    By William Julius Wilson and Richard P. Taub

  • Rivertown: Rethinking Urban Rivers
    Editor Paul Stanton Kibel
  • The Metropolis Era: A World of Giant Cities - Vol. #1
    Editors Mattei Dogan and John D. Kassarda 
  • Ontwerp en politiek: Design and Politics #1
    Editors Henk Ovink and Ellen Wierenga
  • Ontwerpen aan Randstad 2040: Designing Randstad 2040, Design and Politics #2
    Editor Henk Ovnik 
  • The University & Urban Revival: Out of the Ivory Tower and Into the Streets
    By Judith Rodin 
  • As Borders Bend: Transnational Spaces on the Pacific Rim
    By Xiangming Chen 
  • When Work Disappears: The World of the New Urban Poor
    By William Julius Wilson 
  • The City In History
    By Lewis Mumford 
  • Chicago's New Negroes
    By Davarian L. Baldwin 
  • Off The Books: The Underground Economy of the Urban Poor
    By Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh 
  • Hong Kong: Becoming a Chinese global city
    By Stephen Chiu and Tai-Lok Lui 
  • Method & Truth: The Search for Norms Across the Disciplines
    By Berl Lang  
  • Mapping Global Cities: GIS Methods in Urban Analysis
    By Ayse Pamuk 
  • Welcome to the Urban Revolution: How Cities Are Changing THE WORLD
    By Jeb Brugmann 

  • Questioning  Geopolitics: Political Projects in a Changing World-System
    Editors Georgi M. Derluguian & Scott L. Greer 
  • Who's Your City?: How The Creative Economy Is Making Where To Live The Most  Important Decision of your Life
    By Richard Florida 
  • The City's End: Two Centuries of Fantasies, Fears, and Premonitions of New York's  Destruction
    By Max Page 
  • Hartford: New England's Rising Star
    Editor Keith Griffin