Chen, Xiangming 
and Nick Bacon (Trinity Class '10), editors.  2013.  Confronting Urban Legacy:  Rediscovering Hartford and New England's Forgotten Cities.  Lanham, MD:  Lexington Books.

In a field saturated with research on global cities and megacities, Confronting Urban Legacy is the first academic book to analyze specifically small cities and regions in New England. Focusing on the dynamic urban/global legacy of Hartford, Connecticut, the volume is bolstered by comparative chapters on Portland, Maine, Lawrence, Massachusetts and Springfield, Massachusetts. The contributors to the book include six Trinity faculty members, one Trinity staff member, two recent Trinity graduates (one of whom is the book’s co-editor and a contributor to four chapters), one Trinity alumnus from the 1970s, two scholars from other institutions, and three prominent government, media, and business leaders from the city of Hartford.


"Among urbanists, studies about megacities have been the prime agenda item in the research frontier. Not surprisingly, the literature on the world's largest cities is rich in number and coverage. However, is a dearth of in-depth research about smaller cities considered to be second and third tier, and books on these smaller, lesser-known cities are few and far between. This book [Confronting Urban Legacy: Rediscovering Hartford and New England's Forgotten Cities] helps to fill that void by studying Hartford, Connecticut, and a couple of cities in other areas of New England. It is Hartford, however, that receives the most attention. Fifteen experts diffuse their experience on the region by mixing theory with applied practice, resulting in 14 very interesting chapters covering a wide range of topics, including the past, the present, and social, political, and economic issues. Not ignored is Hartford's position in the regional and global scene. Chapters examine the city's future potential with realistic conclusions, making it possible to gain an understanding of the city not previously available, particularly in a single volume. The rich bibliography found after each chapter can guide readers to greater insights. Maps, photographs, and tables complement the essays very well. Summing Up: Recommended. All academic levels/libraries."


From the Harford Courant:  "Geographic Constraints Choke Hartford," by Tom Condon.  Published:  February 5, 2014:

From Hartford City Center's HamletHub:  "Studying Hartford, For a Change," by Johnna Kaplan.  Published:  February 26, 2014:


Chen, Xiangming and Ahmed Kanna (eds). Rethinking Global Urbanism: Comparative Insights from Secondary Cities.New York: Routledge, 2012. 

This book consists of revised essays presented at the "Rethinking Cities and Communities" conference sponsored by CUGS in 2008 and other invited articles.  The authors and co-authors of the chapters included three former visiting fellows at CUGS, three Trinity faculty members, and three recent Trinity graduates.