Crescent Street Townhouses

The Crescent Street Townhouses are upperclassman residence halls that feature 8- and 9-person suites. Suites have two or three bathrooms, laundry facilities and full kitchens. There is an additional charge to live in these residence halls.

There is one suite available of each of the following unit types: A, C, D, F, G, and H. There are 16 suites available of unit type B.

Types B and D are 9-person suites. All other suites feature 8-person occupancy.

There are also two ADA accessible suites, available upon approval by the disability committee. These suites will not be available at the housing lottery.

Floor Plans by Type:

Floor Plans by Building:

      The townhouses costs an additional $1,420 per semester. Please see tuition & fees for more information.