Become an RA

Looking to become a leader on campus? The Resident Assistant position might be just right for you.​  Applications for the 2018-2019 school year are due March 19, 2018. 


Head Residents

Head Residents (HRs) are directly supervised by the Area Coordinators and assist with various administrative, programmatic and supervisory responsibilities. The Head Resident plays an active role in student learning outside of the classroom through specific, planned programs and on-going individual and group interaction.  All position responsibilities are performed in conjunction and consultation with your direct supervisor.  Head Residents are key in establishing a community environment conducive to maximum academic, personal, and social development; maintaining healthy and safe living conditions; and providing overall support the mission of Residential Life.  Head Residents are an integral part of the leadership team of Residential Life.  Only returning RA's can apply for this position.

Resident Assistant

Resident Assistant (RAs) are directly supervised by the Area Coordinator for their area.  Resident Assistants are responsible for the entire residence hall; specific responsibilities relate to meeting the needs of their assigned area.  Resident Assistants play an integral role in establishing a community environment conducive to maximum academic, personal, and social development; maintaining healthy and safe living conditions; and providing overall support of the mission of Residential Life.


Information Sessions will be held in First Year buildings during the month of February. Check back on this page for more information as information sessions are planned.



Minimum Qualifications
Applicants must have full-time enrollment status at the College. Applicants must have sophomore class standing by date of employment. Applicants must be in good academic and disciplinary​ standing. An RA must maintain a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or better.
Terms of Employment
ResLife student staff will adhere to all policies of the College.  All RAs must reside in College housing during their contract period.



Resident Advisors are required to participate in training/professional development opportunities throughout the year to make them more effective in their position as well as providing considerable opportunity for personal growth. Upon hire, a complete list of dates will be provided, however typical training timeframes include:
  • In-Services/Professional Development (1 per month)
  • Fall Training (August 2018; two and a half weeks prior to opening)
  • January Training (January 2019; typically one week prior to opening)


  • Review the job description and application requirements carefully so you are familiar with the position and requirements.
  • Spend time talking with current Resident Assistants about job responsibilities and requirements. Ask an RA if you can accompany them on a duty round, or spend time with them when they are on duty.
  • Practice asking the questions you would like to pose to your interviewers.
  • Get a good night of sleep the night before your interviews and eat balanced meals the day of your interviews.
  • Come up with a list of questions you think you might be asked to answer, and have your friends help you practice.
  • Most important: BE YOURSELF! The purpose of the interview is so that you and the Office of Residential Life staff can get to know one another better. It is difficult to do that if you are pretending to be someone you are not.
  • Dress neatly and professionally for your interviews.



2. Submit additional materials.  Please drop of materials to our office, Office of Residential Life, 3rd floor of Hamlin with ATTN to Joel Copperthite.  Our office is open from 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday.
  • Cover Letter. You must list reasons why you would like to be an RA, list any skills abilities or talents that you have that make you a good candidate for the position, and what community you would fit best with and why. Be sure to read the job descriptions to determine where your skills and talents may be best suited. While your input is very important to the process we have certain things in mind when trying to place an RA in each residence hall so if we believe that you will be best suited in another residence hall we will ask you to consider that role instead. If you need assistance creating your cover letter please visit the Trinity College Career Development Center.
  • Resume. Please list your previous work experience that you believe would contribute to your abilities as an RA (e.g., teaching, counseling, advising, volunteering, and working with people) and all of your other work experience separately.  We also ask that you list your extracurricular involvements for the anticipated 2017-2018 academic year. If you need assistance creating your resume please visit the Trinity College Career Development Center.
  • Unofficial Transcript.
  • References: Each candidate must have three recommendations. One reference must be completed by a non-student employee of Trinity College (faculty, staff, etc.). The second reference should be from a student leader at Trinity College. The last reference should be from someone who can attest to your work ethic and who has worked with you in a professional manner (e.g. internship, volunteer work, co-worker). The reference provider must complete the form no later than Friday March 24, 2017. It is your responsibility to make sure all three are submitted. Reference Form


The timeline for Resident Assistant Selection for the 2017-2018 academic year can be found below. After application materials are handed applicants will be asked to attend the Group Process and Interview day on Saturday, March 25th. The Group Process day will last from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. We feel that the group process is vital to the selection process, and RA interviews will take place in the afternoon on that day. If you are applying for the RA position and are currently abroad, please contact Joel Copperthite about setting up a skype interview for the week of March 20th.


February 1, 2018: Applications Released

February 5, 2018 - February 23, 2018: Information Sessions (Check Schedule for dates/times/locations)

March 19, 2018: Applications and Supplemental Materials Due

March 24, 2018: Group Process Day and Interviews

Week of April 2, 2018: Decisions Submitted

Questions regarding the RA Application Process can be directed to :
Joel Copperthite, Area Coordinator for Crescent Street, at (860) 297-4206 or at