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Housing Lottery FAQs

 How do I appeal my room rating?

The deadline for appeals is March 22, 2017.   Students can email their appeal letter to  Please do not send appeals to the Residential Life Office.  The SGA Housing Committee will return the results of the appeal to the sender via email.

Who decides the room ratings?

The SGA – Housing Committee.

Is The Fred exempt from this year’s ratings?

No.  Residents of The Fred will have their ratings included in their history the same as every other resident on campus.

What if I feel my rating was unfair last year?

You cannot appeal the ratings from previous years.  You can only appeal the current year.  Unfortunately it is too late to change your history.

How does my lottery number get assigned to me?

Your lottery number is based on your housing history at Trinity College.  The lottery numbers also reflect your class year.

What if I lived off campus for a year?

Students who lived off campus for the prior academic year will not be penalized.  However, there is no room rating for off-campus housing.  This includes students who studied away for a semester/year.

What if I am a returning student?

If you have not been here for an entire year, a lottery number will not be automatically generated.  If you wish to participate in the housing lottery this year, please contact Susan Salisbury at and request that a lottery number be generated for you.  You will be notified when your lottery number has been generated.
BE ADVISED:  Students wishing to participate in the April Housing selection process must be formally readmitted by April 1, 2017 .  Students who are readmitted AFTER April 1st will be assigned fall housing during the summer.

What if I don’t think my lottery number is fair?

The opportunity to appeal room ratings is offered.  Lottery numbers are based on the room ratings.  Lottery numbers CANNOT be appealed.  If you believe the number is incorrect, we will recalculate the number and check to see if there was an error in your particular history.  This does take some time.  Please be patient and we will get back to you.

What do the rooms look like?

You can look at the floor plans here.

How do I participate in Housing Selection?

Please review the information located here.

Why would I be unable to participate?

There are many people who have already been assigned a room.  Examples are PRIDE leaders, RAs, and students with medical reasons.
Also, students on financial hold, students who have not registered for fall classes, students who have not had their meningitis shots, and anyone who has applied to study abroad during the fall semester will not participate in the lottery.

Why don’t I have a lottery number?

  • Do you have a financial hold on your account?  If so, you must speak with someone in Student Accounts.
  • Did you register for classes? If not, you must do so prior to the lottery or you may not participate. 
  • Did you apply to study abroad for the fall?   If you did and you have decided not to go, you must follow up with the Office of Study Away. You will not receive your lottery number until you have formally informed them that you are withdrawing from studying abroad. The deadline to do this is April 7, 2017.
  • Have you already received a housing assignment?
  • Were you readmitted after the April 1st deadline.


If I am reinstated will I be penalized or dropped to the bottom?

No.  Your number was generated but just withdrawn until you were cleared to participate.  It is the same number that would have been posted regardless of the hold.

If I am planning to choose a double whose lottery number is used?

After you have registered at the lottery, you and your roommates will proceed to the lottery number averaging table.  There, your numbers will be averaged and that number is the one you will use.

What if I am a junior and my roommate is a senior?  When will my number be processed?

Average your lottery numbers; your group number will be processed according to the posted schedule located here.  

What if I don’t know anyone to room with and there are no singles available?

There will be others in your same situation.  Please contact Susan Salibury at

What is summer placement?

Summer placement will occur after May 31 and continue throughout the summer.   Be forewarned that there is no guarantee what rooms will open up after May 1. After  housing selection has been held, we will not be able to guarantee on-campus housing.

How do I qualify for a single based on medical need?

You must submit an application along with documentation from your physician. Submit the application and documents to Lori Clapris, You must submit an application along with documentation from your physician. Submit the application and documents to Lori Clapris, AccommodationsCoordinator.  She will pass on her recommendations to the Office of Residential Life and you will be assigned accordingly.  The deadline for medical assignments is March 15, 2017.  However, some circumstances may warrant an extension.

I will be abroad in the fall. How does this affect my housing?

Students who are going abroad in the fall will have a lottery number generated in March. This lottery number will be used when placement is done in January.  In September, students who are abroad will be notified and asked to submit their housing preferences. Please make sure the Office of Study Away has your email address abroad.  Please do not show up at the lottery unless you are a proxy for someone who is currently abroad or for someone who is unable to attend.

What if I am thinking of living off campus but not sure yet?

If you choose to withdraw from housing after selecting during housing selection, you may be assessed a financial fee.  There is no deadline to withdraw from housing. However, there is a maximum number of students who can be released from housing. This number is based on enrollment and may change year-to-year.

No more requests for the 2017-2018 academic year are being accepted.