Student Government Association

​The Student Government Association (SGA) is the centralized, representative governing entity of the Trinity College student body. It deals with a broad range of campus concerns relating to student life, community development, and academic affairs on campus. The SGA is responsible for overseeing the operation and function of every recognized student organization on campus. It is committed to hearing from and involving students on the issues that affect the student body. The SGA is advised by staff within the Office of Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership (S.A.I.L.). Elections for available SGA positions occur during the third week of September in the fall and during the third week of April in the spring semester.
The following student leaders comprise the SGA for the 2018-2019 academic year:
Kristina Miele(‘19) - President
Lexi Zanger ('19) - Vice President
Alison Adamski ('19) - VP of Finance
Lexi Zanger/Natalie Bruno ('19/’20) - VP of Communications
Jitty Synn ('19) - Entertainment Activities Council (EAC) Barnyard President
Peace Kabari ('20) - Multicultural Affairs Chair (MAC) President
Caroline Denny ('19) - Inter-Greek Council (IGC) Representative
Brendan Lynch ('20) - Chartwells Liaison
Trinna Larsen ('20) – Sustainability  Liaison
Ali Odermann ('19) - Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC) Representative
Thomas McKinney - IDP Representative
Matthew Sullivan - IDP Representative

Class of 2022 Class Council
Jordan Lewis (‘20) - Class President
Elizabeth Farran Brown ('20) - Class Senator
Jack Stone ('20) - Class Senator
Tijani Harris (‘20) - Class Senator
Maddy White ('20) - Class Senator

Class of 2021 Class Council
Kaylen Jackson ('21) - Class President
Brendan Clark ('21) - Class Senator
Lucemy Perez ('21) - Class Senator
Myles Little ('21) - Class Senator
Felicia McDevitt ('21) - Class Senator

Class of 2020 Class Council
Ondra Zindr ('20) - Class President
Teddy Zoellner ('20) - Class Senator

Class of 2019 Class Council
Cami Fitzgerald ('19) - Class President
Greg Norsigian ('19) - Class Senator
Torrey Hill ('19) - Class Senator
Katie DiRico ('19) - Class Senator
Mike Zarra ('19) - Class Senator
For more information on the SGA, please visit their website​