Meet the Staff

The Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership (S.A.I.L.) Office supports student leadership and initiatives to enhance and promote campus community and to further the mission of Trinity College. 

Through advising, mentoring and a partnership with departments across campus, the S.A.I.L. Office seeks to empower students and enhance their capacities to be more effective and adaptive leaders. Student engagement in leadership opportunities outside the classroom offers students a meaningful educational experience that enhances their personal, social and intellectual growth. 

We have organized our responsibilites into three key areas:

Activities - This area covers event planning, large-scale events, and the calendar of events. This is where general information can be found for perspective students and current students related to what is happening on campus at any given time. Examples include: Orientation, Senior Week/graduating senior-related events, Spring Weekend, etc.

Involvement - This area represents student organization policies & procedures, how to get involved, and the list of student organizations. It includes information pertinent to currently involved students, as well as information on how to become involved for those new to Trinity College.

Leadership - This area focuses on intentionally supporting the growth and development of individual students. It includes the development of a leadership development program, a yearly leadership conference and an award ceremony, as well as campus-wide programming related to leadership skills.


Director - Nikia Bryant
Mather Hall, Room 108

Assistant Director - Romulus Ferrer Perez
Mather Hall, Room 100

Assistant Director  - Sarah Lucas
Mather Hall, Room 106

Business Manager - Julie Graves
Mather Hall, Room 107