Student leadership development is centered at the core of everything we do. From executive board leadership trainings, to support resources for student organizations, to programs focused on leadership development topics. In actuality, almost every aspect of undergraduate and graduate student life at Trinity College incorporates some level of leadership development. Whether you take on a leadership role on your athletic team, volunteer for community service projects, or work on research with your lab professor outside of a course, the faculty and staff you work with are all helping you hone and develop your leadership skills. 

According to the CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education, "student leadership programs must incorporate student learning and student development in its mission...to prepare students for leadership roles and responsibilities...provide students with opportunities to develop and enhance a personal philosophy of leadership that includes understanding of self, others, and community...assist students in gaining varied leadership experience...[and] should be an integral part of the institution's educational mission (pg. 198 CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education, 2003).  

Additional Leadership Positions

Orientation Chair - This position will work closely with the Director and Assistant Directors of Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership (S.A.I.L.), as well as collaborate with departments across campus, to plan and implement the Fall Orientation program. After  being hired, this position will begin work in the Spring  semester and is required to work a minimum of 10 hours throughout the summer, as well as be present to assist in administrating the Orientation program. Selected students will assist the S.A.I.L. staff in preparing all Orientation documents, planning and contracting entertainment options, working with faculty and staff to ensure collaboration on traditional and academic-focused programs, and will recruit, interview, and train the  Orientation Leaders.. 

Orientation Leader - Orientation Leaders (OL) are an integral part of the Orientation experience. The OL position has been developing over the past few years. OLs will be assigned groups of new students that they will be responsible for guiding through the entire weekend of events and programs. OL's will be required to return to campus one week early in the fall semester for final training and to work the entire Orientation weekend. 

In an effort to acknowledge that not every student will be involved in a student organization during their time at Trinity College, we have collected a resource list below of various offices and departments that you may find more of an interest in to better develop your leadership skills.