Finding an Evaluator

  • Contact others you trust (e.g., your school counselor, your family doctor) to ask for names of qualified professionals.
  •  The Counseling Center (860-297-2415) can recommend providers in the Hartford area.
  • Ask the professionals what their credentials are and what experience they have had doing this type of assessment. 
  • Trinity College requires documentation from qualified, licensed providers, so be sure to inquire about qualifications and licensure status.
  • Encourage your provider to contact the Director of the Counseling Center for clarification about our requirements.
  • Request a written copy of the assessment report. Keep a copy for your personal records.
  • Request and expect the opportunity to discuss the results and recommendations with this professional.
  • While the Counseling Center and the Health Center provide health care services for students in a non-discriminatory manner, neither the Health Center nor the Counseling Center write prescriptions for stimulant medication used by some people with ADD/ADHD (e.g., Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, Strattera, Cylert). Students being treated with these medications are urged to maintain a relationship with their home provider. If that is not feasible, the Counseling Center or Health Center will assist students in finding a qualified provider in the Hartford area.