Muslim Student Life

The Muslim student life program at Trinity College creates a safe space for Muslim students to engage in spirituality, dialogue, and community outreach based on the principles and ethics of Islam.

As one of the first colleges in the United States to hire a Muslim Chaplain to serve Muslim students, Trinity College has enjoyed a rich history of Muslim student life. The Muslim chaplain will have office hours where students can drop in to discuss any ideas, spiritual questions, concerns, and to ask for any additional resources they may need. The Muslim chaplain  advocates for the needs of Muslim students on campus with the help of the college chaplain, Muslim chaplain advisory group of five faculty members, and colleagues in the office for spiritual and religious life.

The Muslim student life program comprises of the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) and the Muslim chaplain jointly coordinating weekly Jumu'ah (Friday prayer services), weekly halaqas (spiritual/education gathering), outreach events, Mosque visits, and participating in collaborative events with other student organizations. The Muslim Students’ Association is dedicated to interfaith dialogue, outreach, and understanding. The MSA will host activities and events to further educate the campus community about Muslims and Islam and create opportunities for students of all fai​th traditions and backgrounds to reap the benefits of inter-faith engagement.

Trinity College provides a large prayer space for the daily worship practices of Muslim students, located at Summit Suites South. The prayer room includes a small library of Islamic books, and is also used for meetings, dinners, and activities. Both Muslim and non-Muslim students are welcome to visit the prayer room and look into the resources provided about Islam and Muslims.​​