J-Start Orientation

We are very excited to welcome the Class of 2023 January Start students to campus on January 2!

Your two-week J-Start Orientation will begin with arrival and check-in on Thursday, January 2, 2020. 

Your two-week New Student Orientation will be concurrent with a 0.5 credit J-Term course, "College as a Network."

A typical day during the two weeks will comprise of the 2 hour J-Term class, a tour to important offices on campus such as the Registrar, the Writing Center and the Liberal Arts Action Lab (LAAL) in Downtown Hartford etc., where you will learn how the office can be useful to you during your time at Trinity. The rest of the day involves class preparation/reflection time, mandatory orientation programs such as Sexual Assault Awareness Training, and to top it all off, social activity time. Social activities will be on or off campus. You don’t want to miss watching a movie at a theater in Hartford, attending a Trinity athletic game and boosting your school pride, ‘Go Bantams!’, enjoying a game night with upper-year international students, and a 2-day trip to discover some of Hartford’s best hidden secrets based on a book called ‘100 Things To Do In Hartford Before You Die’ by Chip McCabe.​

The detailed  J-Start 2020 orientation schedule will be available shortly.