Selecting your courses

First-year students will be enrolled in 4 courses (typically 4 – 4.5 credits) their first semester. Use the first-year c​ourse selection worksheet​​​ to plan your course choices before entering them into the online course selection form (available on your Starting Out task list as of June 15).

Review the listing of fall 2020 college course descriptions via the online Course Schedule. You can browse courses either by subject or by department/program. For all course options, the box next to “Only show courses available to first-year students” should be checked.

You will select preferred courses and alternate courses, but keep in mind you will not be able to select specific sections. The Registrar's Office will place you into the section that works best with your schedule. We will make every effort to place you into your preferred courses, but it will not always be possible given various enrollment factors, so you will need to include alternate courses that you are willing to take. 

Based on the results of the Guided Writing Assessment, some students will self-select or be placed into RHET 103, College Writing, by a faculty placement committee. The Registrar’s Office will automatically enroll these students in RHET 103. 

Additionally, certain students will be placed into QLIT 101 by a faculty placement committee who assesses records.
QLIT 101 is offered in both the fall and spring semesters. Some students will be automatically enrolled by the Registrar’s Office for the fall semester, while the others will need to register for QLIT 101 for the spring semester of their first year.

Students placed into these courses will be notified. Enrollment in RHET 103 and QLIT 101 will automatically reduce the number of preferred courses you will select on your online course selection form.

If you are interested in taking a math or second language course, but do not yet know your placement test results, select the course you think best matches your abilities. Your placement in the course will be confirmed. For some students changes will need to occur during add/drop period.

If you are selecting a science course with an additional required lab, the lab section will be assigned by the Registrar’s Office. This lab assignment will be based on your overall course schedule.​​​​​​