WGRAC Library

The Trinity College Women's Center Library houses over eight hundred volumes of fiction and non-fiction books. The Library is open to the public.

The Library is located in the Women's Center Lounge, next to Terrace Room C, Mather Hall, 2nd floor, 300 Summit Street.

You may borrow a book for three weeks. Some type of identification is needed to take out a book. To come browse the library, or take out a book, please contact Laura Lockwood at 860-297-2408 or Monique Daley at 860-297-4131. The library hours are 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday,. However, I need to be there to let you in, so please contact me to make an appointment. Or, please  stop by.

We welcome donations! To make a donation to our library, please contact Laura Lockwood or Monique Daley at the numbers above.