WGRAC Publications


The Women & Gender Resource Action Center (WGRAC) produces two publications annually; the WGRAC Newsletter "Women Unite!" and the Feminist Scholarship Review.  We invite you to submit to either or both publications.  For more information on the publications, please contact Laura Lockwood (laura.lockwood@trincoll.edu, x.2408) We look forward to your contribution!


The WGRAC puts out two publications: Women Unite! (our newsletter) and the Feminist Scholarship Review (our literary magazine):

Women Unite! Started in 1991, Women Unite! is a newsletter put out by the WGRAC each semester. Topics include domestic and international women's issues.  

Past Issues:

 Fall 1997       
 Fall 1998    Spring 1998  Summer 1998
   Winter 1999  Spring 1999  
 Fall 2000  Winter 2000  Spring 2000  
 Fall 2001    Spring 2001  
   Winter 2002  Spring 2002  Summer 2002
   Winter 2003  Spring 2003  
 Fall 2004      
 Fall 2005    Spring 2005  
 Fall 2006    Spring 2006  
 Fall 2007    Spring 2007  
 Fall 2008    Spring 2008  
     Spring 2009  

Women Unite! is a Campus Progress sponsored publication.

Feminist Scholarship Review Started in 1991, the Feminist Scholarship Review is a literary journal that describes of women's experiences around the world. FSR began as a review of feminist scholarly material, but has evolved into a journal for poetry and short stories.

Past Issues:

 Fall 1992    Spring 1992
 Fall 1993    Spring 1993
 Fall 1994    Spring 1994
     Spring 1995
 Fall 1996    Spring 1996
     Spring 1997
   Winter 1998  Spring 1998
 Fall 1999    Spring 1999
 Fall 2001    
   Winter 2002  
     Spring 2003
     Spring 2004
     Spring 2005
     Spring 2006

Looking for a specific topic? Check out our list of topics from past issues.