Calendar of Events


WGRAC Student Open Discussions  & Pizza!  Fridays, 12:30pm-2:00pm, WGRAC Lounge, 2nd floor, Mather! All students are welcome!

PHAB~ Promoting Healthy Awareness of the Body: A student-led group that raises awareness and educates the campus community about eating disorders and body image issues while promoting active living, self-acceptance, self-respect and appreciation of size diversity. Programming this semester will include: Love Your Body Week, Girlcott, , Girlcott, Health & Wellness Week, and more!

Meetings: Mondays, 6pm, WGRAC Lounge

For more information contact: For more information contact:;;

SECS - Students Encouraging Consensual Sex:  A student-led group that organizes activities and programs to raises awareness of sexual and relationship violence on campus perpetrated against women and men: i.e.  The Red Flag Campaign, Voices Raised in Power, The Red Flag Campaign, Voices Raised in Power, A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant & a Prayer, Take Back the Night, and more!

Meetings: Mondays, 4:30pm, WGRAC Lounge

For more information please contact:  Brigita.kuzmickaite!;

Masculinity Project:  male identified students explore and redefine masculinity so that it includes healthier and more inclusive defintions that allow for greater expressions of what it means to be a man on campus and in society.

Meeting d/t/pl TBD.

For more information contact:;

12-Step Programs

If you feel you may have a problem with alcohol, drugs, or food, and are interested in finding a recovery program in the Hartford area, please visit these web sites:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous:
  • Overeaters Anonymous: OA is for anyone with a desire to stop eating compulsively, binge-eaters, bulimics, anorexics, and compulsive exercisers.
  • Narcotics Anonymous:
  • Al-Anon: Al-Anon is for anyone with a friend or relative who is an alcoholic.

If you want to talk with someone on campus with knowledge about 12 -step programs, please email:, or The Counseling Center is an excellent resource as well: 860-297-2415.

WGRAC Spring Programs: 2019


19th    1:00-3:00pm, State Capitol

  • Women’s March
  • Transportation available

February: Black History Month

8th      12:30pm, Vernon Social, Lunch provided

  • “If We Stop the World Stops! What’s Behind the International Strikes”
  • Lucia Cavallero and Julia Camara organized and led the “feminist strike” of 5 million women in Spain, March, 2018.

13th     7:00pm, Vernon Social

  • The Vagina Monologues
  • Fundraiser, Interval House

March: Women’s History Month

1st    12:00pm, Washington Room

  • Chris Evert: Keynote: Women’s History Month
    • Sponsored by the President’s Office
    • Ms. Evert will be on campus from 11:00am-2:00pm, meeting with student leaders and other campus members. 

7th     8:00pm, Vernon Social

  • Women’s History Trivia Night, Trinity and Beyond!  

8th     4:30pm, Terrace Rooms (TBD): International Women’s Day

  • International Women’s Day Celebration and Dinner

26th    7:00pm, TBD

  • 50th Anniversary of Co-Education: Robin Sheppard
  • Sponsored by the WLC

28th     6:30pm, Terrace Rooms (TBD)

  • “Out” in the Workplace” Panel of alums
  • Sponsors: Alumni Office,  QRC

April: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

1st    6:00pm, Washington Room

  • Take Back the Night

4th     7:30pm, Cinestudio

  • Call Her Ganda
  • Subject: Murder of a Trans woman by a U.S. Service member in the Philippines
  • Sponsors: WMGS, International Studies

12th     3:00pm, Gates Quad

  • Walk A Mile in Her Shoes

13th     1:00pm, Athletic Fields

  • Green Dot Game Day

TBD: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Graduating Women Seniors

  • Sponsored with the CDC

TBD:  Breanna Stewart

May 28-31: Tentative Green Dot Institute: Trinity College

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