QRC Resource Library

The Trinity College Queer Resource Center houses a collection of books, films, periodicals, reports, and informational brochures pertaining to sexual orientation and gender identity related​ studies and topics. Our library catalogs can be browsed virtually via the links below.  
Trinity College members may  visit the QRC to physically browse or borrow any library items during our "Open Center Hours".  Alternately, you may arrange to have the item signed out and delivered to your campus mail box.
To do so contact: QRC@trincoll.edu. 
- Books and magazines may be borrowed for up to 1 month. 
- Films must be returned within 2 weeks.
We are constantly seeking to improve the size and content of our library. If you would like to make a donation to the QRC library, please contact QRC@trincoll.edu. 

Books and Films:
Our QRC book & film collection is now searchable via LibraryThing.  Click our catalog link below to browse by topic, author, title, or ISBN #.