Message from the Dean of Multicultural Affairs

Trinity seeks to achieve preeminence as a college that prepares students for civic participation and leadership in the city and in the world. Enhancing diversity among students, staff, and faculty and promoting a climate that values—even celebrates—both our many differences and our fundamental humanity are key if we hope to fulfill our mission

Several years ago, Trinity embarked on an intentional effort to increase racial and cultural diversity on campus. Currently, approximately 21 percent of students are Black, Asian-American, Hispanic, American Indian, or multiethnic. Faculty of color constitute nearly 18 percent of the total. The Office of Multicultural Affairs coordinates institutional efforts, and significant funds have been committed to promote activities that enhance academic success and social satisfaction for students of color. We have established a number of centers for celebrating and sharing the cultures of previously underrepresented groups. Student activities, parties, and guest speakers abound. Faculty teach a range of courses that broaden knowledge and open dialogue about issues key to productive engagement.

We need members of the College community who bring energy, intelligence, and vision, and who will help Trinity fulfill its highest aspirations as they set about the task of making themselves at home. We need students who will reach beyond what feels safe. In spite of all we have accomplished in the last decade, Trinity still faces a challenge that confronts all institutions that are committed to cultural transformation. If our diversity is to contribute to intellectual and social growth, our students must "mix it up" fearlessly. Encounters with those who do not look or think like us—those who question our "givens"—can help us both know who we are and determine more intentionally who we will become. While Trinity now possesses abundant potential to achieve the rewards of multicultural interaction, we all—students, faculty, and staff—must find the courage and the will to cross into unfamiliar territory and to sit more comfortably with the difference.

If you are such a person, please take a close look at Trinity. I look forward to meeting you.

Karla Spurlock-Evans
Dean of Multicultural Affairs