Employment Guidelines for International Students

International students are only able to be employed on campus. During the academic year, many Trinity students work part-time and a few remain on campus over the winter and summer break to work full-time. You must contact your designated school official for international students if you would like to get a job on campus or an internship. This official can tell you if you are eligible to work and give you information about available jobs. Also, your school may approve certain limited off-campus employment, as permitted under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regulations. If your school has authorized you to work and you meet the Social Security's eligibility requirements described in the next section, you can get a Social Security Number. For information about on-campus work, please go to  On-Campus Employment. For work and internships off-campus, formal authorization is needed. Please go to Off-Campus Employment for more information.

Social Security Number

In general, only noncitizens who have permission to work from DHS can apply for a Social Security Number (SSN). International students who want to work need to apply for a SSN in order to get paid once employed. Once you secure a job for the first time, you have to apply for your SSN at Hartford Social Security Administration Office ( 2nd Floor, 960 Main St. Hartford, CT 06103).

To Apply for a SSN:

  • Complete an application for a social security card. You can fill out the form at the office or download here​​.

  • Bring original documents proving:

    • Immigration status (I-94 Record​ and I-20 or DS-2019)

    • Work Eligibility (A letter from OISS and one from your hiring department stating your name, department employed in, your job, the number of hours per week you will be working, and the name of your supervisor)

    • Age and Identity (Passport and Trinity ID Card)

You can find out more information about SSN for international students here.

Following documents are the important information on SSN application: