Tina Wu

Tina is a second-year student from Taiwan. She studies Music and Math, loves to sing and get involved in clubs at Trinity.

(Photo courtesy of Milosz Kowal)​

Good things come in small packages:
“I talked about academics with my friends: we agreed that for a school that size, the music department is amazing. We have 5 core professors and they are all really good. The math department is also small but very good. In the classes offered, they try very hard to accommodate the students and I think the department chairs are willing to talk to students and be flexible."

Tina about Music beyond the department:
“I like to sing, so I am in African Choir, Gospel Choir and the Chapel singers and I have tons of fun in all three of them. I am also part of the eboard at the iHouse. I volunteer at CineStudio, I am not a big movie person so that’s the only way to get me watching movies. And I am an RA. That’s a big part of my life right now too." 
hellos and good-byes:
 “At first all my friends were just international students I got to know at International Orientation. But then I joined Gospel Choir and got to know some new people. I just love singing with them. I also got really close to some of the exchange students, they are all great people, but they all left now. I just felt that the group became a family and I had support and I just loved singing with them.  Some classes are really small, you get to know each other very well, including professors, they remember you, they know you, they support you and they try really hard to get everyone involved."  

What should students fear?
“Students should be prepared for the cold!”​