Shahaan Engineer

Shahaan was born in India, but now lives in Dubai. He is a first-year student at Trinity. 

(Photo courtesy of Milosz Kowal)​

Shahaan about not giving up and using challenges to his advantage:

​“I used to race cars, training for F1, and took a year off school when I was 17 (he is now 20), while simultaneously juggling my high school education. Halfway through my second year of professional car racing, everything suddenly ended due to financial troubles. As an athlete you are dreaming from a young age of being an F1 world champion; eating, breathing, dreaming about the sport. Although the abrupt ending was tough, I realized that I could use a lot of what I learned from there in other areas of life. Therefore, I studied, wanting to get into a good university – it didn’t initially occur to me to apply to the United States. Last summer, a family friend came over and said: “Why don’t you apply to the USA? There are so many options there that you can consider.” I then took the SATs and applied to Trinity – it was my first choice."  

What first year students at Trinity should know:

“My advice for incoming international students is: Be patient! I was a little confused for the first few days here, but what previous summer camps taught me is that usually the first few days in a new place are tough, and then you have the time of your life. This definitely applies to Trinity too! Nobody ever enjoys the first week; you are getting used to everything, you are jetlagged, tired, have to set up your room, have to meet new people - all of this creates initial tension - but once that goes away everything is great.

The best advice I can give is don’t give up in the first week. It’s very hard coming here as an international student; you don’t have the advantage of knowing the country and how things work. Personally, a huge challenge was coming from Dubai, an extremely hot place, to Connecticut, a cold and chilly place, however everyone can adapt to change in climate and thrive here too. Also, take part in everything! This is college, and here students are meant to live outside of their comfort zones.

Lastly, the most important thing is to be respectful to others but to be yourself first; you will always find your crowd."