Monica Mhina

Monica is a third-year student at Trinity. She studies Electrical Engineering and Models and Data, is a very active member of academic and social life on campus and is studying abroad in Australia for a semester.

(Photo courtesy of Milosz Kowal)​

If it doesn’t exist yet – bring it to campus!
"[My friend Mali and I came to Trinity] and saw that there wasn’t an African Choir at Trinity [so] Mali took the extra step and created [the choir]. It showed me that even if you come here and find out that what you wanted to see is not here, you could actually bring it. There is a big possibility of you starting something – like a club. You could start with a lunch conversation and people will come. Another student brought TedX to Trinity. . . You could bring the things that are not here. [The Trinity African Student choir] rehearses every Friday after classes. We started with 5 people but now we are up to 25. It’s not only Africans that are members." 

Monica about celebrating culture at Trinity! 
"I am also the vice president of TASA (Trinity African Student Association). We try to bring awareness of African culture and issues to our campus. We have a fashion show, a summer service project, cookouts, parties. When we came here there wasn’t an African Student Association, it was called the African Development Coalition which only aimed at doing a service project every summer in an African country. With TASA we are able to include both, those interested in summer service projects and those interested in other aspects of TASA.

"The iShow is my time to shine and be proud. It’s interesting how some of the people who you wouldn’t even know are international students [come and you wonder:] “Oh my god, where is this costume from, where are you from?”. We had something like that at UWC, my high school; We had African national day, European national day, etc. I like it better here because it’s just international day. It does not differentiate, we are all international students, we are all world citizens. You also get to see people from a different light through unexpected talents and showcases. It’s a good show for owning your culture and advertising it, and also getting to know other cultures. On that day everyone is so free to learn and teach their culture. It’s one of my favorite days at Trinity!"

community engagement in hartford with Trinity’s Society of Women Engineers (SWE):
"We are planning on going to a high school and teach students robotics and inspire them to take STEM-related college majors or just to go to college because one of my SWE sister who tutored one of the students learnt that the students didn’t even know college was an option for them, they just wanted to finish high school and move on with life. So maybe we will inspire someone to go to college for any major, we just want to put it in their head that they can actually go to college like us."