When was the Bantam Network created?

Trinity students designed the Bantam Network in 2015.  President Berger-Sweeney, in her first year at Trinity, invited 60 students working on five teams to design the initiative.  The winning design elements were implemented into what is now the Bantam Network, which in its inaugural year welcomes the Class of 2019.

What are the Nests, and how many of them are there?

Nests are clusters of 4-5 first-year seminars, which are at the heart of Trinity's unique first-year experience.  There are ten Nests in total, each carrying the name of a Trinity tradition.  Each Nest has a team of mentors attached to it, who help connect first-year students to each other, the resources of the College, and numerous opportunities in Hartford and beyond.

When will I find out what my Nest is?

You will receive your Nest assignment in August. 

Who will be in my Nest?

Your Nest will consist of approximately 60-75 students enrolled in 4-5 first-year seminars in addition to the peer academic mentor attached to each seminar, as well as a dean, faculty mentor, and a group of Residence Advisers and PRIDE Leaders who will live with you and other students in your Nest.  ​

Are mentors trained?

Yes, mentors receive training based on their particular roles; and they are also trained together so they can coordinate and support the needs of all students in their Nest.

Will I live with other first-year students in my Nest?

All students in a Nest live together, either in the same residence hall or in adjoining first-year residence halls.

How will I be assigned a Nest?

Students are placed in their seminar; only then are clusters of first-year seminars formed, making sure that a diversity of seminar topics is reflected in each Nest.

What happens if I change seminars?

Students change first-year seminars only rarely.  Should that occur, you would join the Nest assigned to your seminar; changing your housing, however, would depend on availability.

What will I do as part of a Nest?

Students and mentors in your Nest will plan and attend events together on and off campus, hang out together, support one another, play sports, and cook and share meals.  Even if you belong to other groups, teams, or organizations, your Nest will be an additional source of camaraderie and Bantam pride.  In fact, many of your Nest connections will stay with you all four years at Trinity and beyond.

Whom Should I Contact if I Have A Question?

The Bantam Network is overseen by Joseph DiChristina, dean of campus life and vice president. For help or questions, call (860) 297-2156.