Community + Cultural Houses

Below is a listing of the various community and cultural houses here at Trinity College. 
  • The Mill - a venue for creating and showcasing visual arts, music, and film
  • Asian-American Students Association (AASA)
  • Bayt al Salaam - House of Peace
  • i House - International House
  • Umoja House - Imani and Trinity College Black Women’s Organization
  • La Eracra - La Voz Latina
  • Queer Resource Center/EROS House
  • PRAXIS - a community service program based in a residence hall​
  • Zachs Hillel House
  • Interfaith House
  • The Treehouse - dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility
  • The Fred Pfeil Community ​Project ("The Fred") - a place for all students to unite social, cultural, and political interests​
​​​To view more information about the above mentioned community and cultural houses, and to see the various events they have planned, please visit their individual pages on BantamLink the student organization database.