Around Campus

Trinity is a community of possibilities.

As new students enter Trinity and engage with their first-year seminar group and mentors, they take a first glimpse into the realm of possibility that ​awaits them in the next four years.  However, it is the student who seeks out and takes hold of these possibilities that contributes most to the community and receives the most personal satisfaction.

The dozen or so community and cultural houses on campus are each an example of  student-led​ (and often student-created) spaces where all students are welcome. Students come to gather about a common interest but leave with an appreciation for different experiences.

A healthy community relies on trust, a common sense of purpose, consideration of others, and shared standards like honor and integrity.  Our community prizes the dignity and individuality of each person because we know how much the different outlooks and experiences each of us brings enriches a learning environment​. We expect that everyone will contribute in some way whether through the arts, athletics, government, research, social organizations, or by standing up for a friend or belief/principle at the right time. 

The definition of community goes well beyond the borders of our campus.  Every year, hundreds of students are active in community service and civic engagement​ projects around the city of Hartford, the country, and the world.​​