Learning and Skill Development Inside and Outside of the Classroom

This subcommittee is charged with developing a plan to ensure a Trinity education best prepares students for life in the 21st century.  A strong liberal arts foundation is just as important as ever, as students face new challenges and opportunities after college; Trinity must anticipate and be responsive to those changes.  By strengthening both the undergraduate liberal arts curriculum and the co-curricular student experience, we aim to ensure that they reinforce as well as complement each other and support students’ needs for career development and life skills. All facets of student development both inside and outside of the classroom, including the use of technological and pedagogical innovations, are essential to the plan.  Critical questions include:  How do we best support student development (academic, social, wellness) inside and outside of the classroom?  As online learning becomes more prevalent, what unique features must the Trinity experience offer in the classroom, in the laboratory, on the athletic fields, and in our social spaces, in order to justify the residential liberal arts experience?  ​

Update — February 2017

An executive summary and draft report is available to read. Please share your feedback with the Commission  using our online form​



Chris Hager*

Associate Professor of  English

Melanie Stein*

Dean of Academic Affairs

Sonia Cardenas

Dean of Academic Affairs

Joe DiChristina

Dean of Campus Life and Vice President for Student Affairs

Lisa Foster

Associate Professor of Biology

Meredith Friedman

Trinsition Fellow​

Violet Gannon

Director, Career Development Center

Kevin Johnson

Director of Recreation

Jason Jones

Director of Educational Technology

Ryan Miller ’17

Nicolas Nagle ’17

Irene Papoulis

Principal Lecturer in the Allan K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric​

Alexandra Young ’17