Trinity College Announces edX Partnership

First Two Massive Open Online Courses Will Launch This Fall

HARTFORD, CT, May 14, 2015 – Trinity College announced today that it has joined with edX, one of the world’s leading online course platforms, to begin offering online courses to students around the world. Founded by MIT and Harvard in 2012, edX has a three-pronged mission centered on increasing access to education, improving the quality of education on campuses and online, and researching ways to advance teaching and learning.

Under the name of TrinityX, Trinity will host noncredit course content on two levels: as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), with an open enrollment available to any interested participant, and as a Small Private Online Course (SPOC), with a closed enrollment structure that may be targeted to a specific audience – for example, alumni or high school students wanting to sample Trinity’s course offerings.

Trinity already has two MOOCs open for enrollment, both of which will launch on October 19, 2015. Three additional MOOCs are in the works and slated to launch during the spring 2016 semester.

“We are excited about our partnership with edX, which offers tremendous opportunities for us to expand our outreach and showcase the outstanding quality of instruction at Trinity,” said Trinity College President Joanne Berger-Sweeney. “TrinityX will undoubtedly allow us to reach broader audiences, while, at the same time, influence the use of educational technology on our campus.”

Trinity joins a growing number of highly selective colleges and universities – including other small liberal arts schools such as Colgate, Davidson, Hamilton, and Wellesley – in partnering with edX. A list of edX partners can be found on the edX website here

For his TrinityX "Science in Art" course, Henry DePhillips discusses authentication and restoration of artwork with a conservator at the Wadsworth Atheneum.
The first two TrinityX courses will be “Science in Art” with Henry DePhillips, Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus, and “Mobile Computing with App Inventor” with Professor of Computer Science Ralph Morelli. “Science in Art” examines the materials artists use to create art, and how those materials change over time. The course features behind-the-scenes footage of the conservation lab at the Wadsworth Atheneum, including an interview with conservators Ulrich Birkmaier and Allen Kosanovich. “Mobile Computing with App Inventor” shows anyone how to develop mobile apps for Android devices without any prior programming experience, using a tool developed at MIT called App Inventor.

“We are honored to welcome Trinity College to edX,” said Anant Agarwal, CEO, edX. “With a strong commitment to the liberal arts, Trinity’s first two MOOCs, Science in Art and Mobile Computing with App Inventor, showcase their breadth of expertise, which they will now be able to share with the global edX learning community.”

Upcoming TrinityX MOOC offerings to launch in spring 2016 will be: “Scientific Teaching in Undergraduate Biology” with Associate Professor of Biology Kathleen Archer; “Five Great Ideas in Phenomenology (And One Puzzle)” with Dan Lloyd, Brownell Professor of Philosophy; and “Shaping the Supreme Court: Presidents and the Politics of Law” with Kevin McMahon, John R. Reitemeyer Professor of Political Science.