VIDEO: "The Fellowship of the Fellowship"

Lord of the Rings Spoof Touts Trinity's Watkinson Fellowship
This new video, featuring actors from Sea Tea Improv, demonstrates how Trinity's creative students could benefit from applying for a Watkinson Creative Fellowship.   The Fellowship was created to support self-directed students to explore the collections in the Watkinson Library, encounter an item or a group of items that spark inspiration, and engage with that material to produce something new.  Click the above photo to watch the video in a new window.

Projects may take any form: drawing, painting, sculpture, writing, music, video, virtual (digital), performance, or any other medium.  A committee will review student applications, and grant awards based on the feasibility, relevance, and significance of the projects.  A proposal must demonstrate that the project can be accomplished in one semester, that it is clearly based on or inspired by an item or collection in the Watkinson, and why the project is significant enough to merit support. 

Only those who will be sophomores, juniors, or seniors (or full-time IDP students) during their Fellowship may apply, and all students must list a faculty reference. A Fellowship duration is one semester, and comes with a stipend of $1,000.  Students are expected to meet weekly with the Curator to report on progress.   Watkinson Fellows will present their projects at a reception at the end of the spring term, 2014.  

The deadline to apply for a Spring, 2015 Fellowship is December 1, 2014.  For more information, or to apply, visit