TEDx Speakers Ask Audiences to “Rethink” This Saturday at Vernon Social

Professor and Alumna among Speakers at Trinity’s Sold-Out Student-Organized TEDx Event

Hartford, CT, April 14, 2015 – This Saturday, six speakers – including a Trinity professor and an alumna – will take to the stage at Vernon Social for Trinity’s first TEDxTrinColl event. The sold-out student-organized event features a variety of talks connected by the theme of “Rethink.”

The student organizers of TEDxTrinColl.
Photo by Milosz Kowal.
 The afternoon event is broken into two halves. The first will feature “Rethink the Power of Intimacy,” by Nell Kathleen Gibbon ’98; “Rethink the Neighborhoods,” by Joshua Michtom; and “Rethink the Abyss,” by Dan Román, assistant professor of music. The second series of speakers includes “Rethink Therapeutics,” by Aaron Pascal Mauck; “Rethink An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away,” by Sandra Leon Lopez; and “Rethink Progress,” by Timothy Patrick McCarthy.

TEDxTrinColl was independently organized by Bhumika Choudhary ’18, along with a group of her fellow students: Taylor Ogan ’18, Eleanor Clerc ’17, Dayana Aleksandrova ’15, Carolyn Kimmick ’15, Sherisa Abbaspour ’18, Gio Quattrochi ’16, Ursula Granirer ’17, and Lorenzo Puopolo ’18.The event will be held this Saturday, April 18, at Vernon Social. The first half runs from 1:00 to 2:45 p.m., and the second from 3:15 to 5:00 p.m. More information is available on the TEDxTrinColl website. View their recent promotional video for the event here.