Students and Alumni Honor Retirement of Ned Cabot by Giving to Public Policy & Law Fund

Donations Support Future Thesis Research Grants, Lectures, and More at Trinity College

​Hartford, Connecticut, June 24, 2016 – In October 2015, students of Ned Cabot, an adjunct professor who helped to found Trinity College’s Public Policy & Law Program, were surprised to learn that he would be retiring during the fall 2015 semester. Many students had been anticipating enrolling in Cabot’s PBPL 202: Law, Argument, and Public Policy, one of the major’s foundational courses, or his senior seminar in the spring semester.

Donation for the Adrienne Fulco and Edward Cabot Public Policy & Law Fund from Class of 2016 majors
​L-R: Ned Cabot receives a donation for the Adrienne Fulco and Edward Cabot Public Policy & Law Fund from Class of 2016 public policy & law majors Antonia Lluberes, Isabel Monteleone, Claire Hogan, Julia Mardeusz, Christina Claxton, and Ethan Cantor. Donations received after the dinner brought the total donation to more than $7,000. Photo by Tema Silk
Several Class of 2016 students thought about how best to show their appreciation for Cabot’s 16 years of dedicated and inspiring teaching. “Professor Cabot had a profound impact on my education and experience at Trinity,” said public policy & law major and former PBPL 202 teaching assistant Christina Claxton ’16. “When I learned of his retirement, I knew I just had to do something to show him my gratitude and to help others express theirs, too.”

Three years earlier, members of the Class of 2013 sought to express similar feelings about the program’s founding professors and a desire to further help students in the major. In May of 2013, graduating public policy & law seniors created the Adrienne Fulco and Edward Cabot Public Policy & Law Fund. Once the total in gifts to the fund reaches $50,000, it will become an endowed fund and be used to support the Public Policy & Law Program and its students through senior thesis research grants, guest and alumni lectures, and other resources to supplement the academic portion of the major.

For Claxton and five other seniors from the Class of 2016 – Ethan Cantor, Claire Hogan, Antonia Lluberes, Julia Mardeusz, and Isabel Monteleone – growing the fund in honor of Cabot’s retirement seemed like a fitting tribute. With the help of Amy Brough, director of institutional support, they launched their first appeal to faculty, staff, alumni, and current students in April with a deadline of May 12, the date of the public policy & law majors’ senior dinner, bringing together the senior class and public policy faculty, including Cabot. Unsure of the reaction they would get and how much money they would be able to raise in little over a month, Lluberes said, “We thought that $2,000 would be a tangible goal to set in the time frame we had. We knew that people were always getting asked to give money to things and that current students didn’t have tons of extra money around to donate.”

Ultimately, the six seniors helped raise more than $7,000 for the fund in Cabot’s honor from 97 individual donors, most of whom are young alumni and current Trinity students. Toward the end of the senior dinner on May 12, the seniors in charge of the campaign surprised Cabot by presenting him with a large check and list of all of the donors from the fundraising campaign. The seniors also enacted an oral argument, a fixture of PBPL 202, for a fake case: Public Policy & Law Class of 2016 v. Professor Cabot, in which it was “found” that Cabot has a constitutional right to retire.

Regarding the reception of the campaign among the Trinity community, Cantor said, “We got very positive responses from many of the alumni, current students, and faculty members whom we contacted for the campaign. We received several e-mails recounting how influential Professor Cabot was to the academic and professional careers of alumni. It was a touching and heartening experience to see that so many other people feel the same way about Professor Cabot as we do.”

Monteleone added, “People really admire Professor Cabot and it was great to see that across the broad spectrum of alumni we reached out to. I think it really speaks to Professor Cabot’s influence in the program, as well as how much public policy means to alumni.”

Students who participated in the fundraising effort hope to see the fund reach endowment status to begin benefiting students as soon as possible. Brough said that the total given to the fund since its inception is now just under $30,000, leaving $20,000 to go in order to reach the students’ ultimate goal of $50,000.

Lluberes said, “With a major that is growing like public policy & law is, to have an endowment fund to pay for guest lecturers and to subsidize unpaid internships and thesis research for students will be another asset of the program. The possibilities of what a fund like this could do for students and the program are endless, but I’m happy to know that we are one step closer to reaching that goal.”

Written by Julia Mardeusz ’16