Slideshow: Student Researchers Conclude Ten-Week Summer Science Program

Presentations from Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science Majors


 Summer Science Program

After ten weeks of research, Trinity science students presented their work to their colleagues and faculty members on July 15 in the Albert C. Jacobs Life Sciences Center's Boyer Auditorium. Students worked with their faculty sponsors on the following projects:

  • Subekshya Bidari ’17, Sydney Doolittle ’17, Tristan Pierce ’17, and Bobby Tella ’17: “Engineering: A Tale of Two Projects”
  • James Curlin ’15: “Characterization of a Negative Regulatory Domain Controlling Cell to Cell Signaling”
  • James Graydon ’15: “Analyzing Beetle Segmentation Using In Vitro and In Silico Methods”
  • Niranjana Pokharel ’15, and Edgar Soto ’15: “Modelling B-Sheets Using Organometallics”
  • Phong Quach ’17: “Synthesis of Turbomycin B Analogues: Modification of Bis-Indole Component”
  • Jenna Wilborne ’15 & Greg Reardon ’15: “It’s a Hard Knox Life: Invasive Plant Management at the Knox Preserve, Stonington, CT”

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Photos by John Atashian.