Ray Oosting Gymnasium Makeover Highlights Trinity History

Re-painting, Re-branding, and Banner Hanging is Phase I of Project

​Hartford, Conn. (Aug. 25, 2015) - There are plenty of improvements being made this summer on Trinity’s campus. The first completed project is Phase I of a facelift to Ray Oosting Gymnasium in the Ferris Athletic Center, including a complete re-painting, re-branding, and the hanging of new banners to accentuate the storied histories of the athletic teams that play in that facility.

Before and after shots of Ray Oosting Gymnasium. Click here for a slideshow of the makeover. ​

“As we continue to upgrade our athletic facilities at Trinity, we have been focused on better highlighting the deep tradition of success throughout our program,” Mike Renwick, Director of Athletics said. “While updating the overall look of Ray Oosting Gymnasium with a much needed paint job and several new branding pieces, we were able to highlight many of the individual and team accomplishments of the group teams that compete within the space."

Renwick acknowledged plans for Phase II of the project which could come as soon as next year. Phase II will include a new floor on Stan Ogrodnik Court, and a new bleacher seating system.

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