Ilya Ilyankou ’18 Shares His Passion for Technology with Younger Students

Rising Junior Helps Kids Build STEM Skills at iDTech Camp on Trinity’s Campus

Ilya Ilyankou '18 is an instructor at iD Tech Camp
this summer in the Nutt Center.

Hartford, Connecticut, July 25, 2016 – Ilya Ilyankou ’18 is spending most of his summer on the Trinity College campus, sharing his passion for technology with students ages 10-17 who are enrolled in programs offered by iDTech Camp. He learned of the opportunity to serve as a computer camp instructor by searching job and internship listings through the Trinity Career Development Center’s CareerLink database.

The middle and high school students who attend iDTech Camp are instructed in programming languages, robotics, and game development. “There are opportunities to learn app design for Android and iOS, introduction to programming with Minecraft, as well as classic Java and C++ programming,” said Ilyankou.

“Many of these kids are about the same age I was when I first started programming,” said Ilyankou, recalling how he used to come home from school as a 12-year-old and spend hours coding.

A Davis United World College Scholar from Belarus, Ilyankou will return home for a short while later in the summer before he heads to Oxford, England, to study computer science for the 2016-17 academic year at the University of Oxford.

Double majoring in computer science and studio arts, Ilyankou anticipates pursuing a career in programming. Last semester, he obtained excellent preparation by taking A100 software development training by Independent Software at reSET Social Enterprise Trust in Hartford. “The program provides real-world experience for young software developers,” he said. “I got to learn the newest technology used in web development, completed a couple of personal projects, and worked on a startup in a group of five.”

Ilyankou has also gained professional experience as a student technology assistant for Trinity’s Information Technology Services Department. He helps individual students and faculty and staff members with software, digitization, and presentation needs, and provides tech support for campus events and classroom emergency calls.

This summer, his iDTech job calls for long days, but “It’s a fun job if you like kids and teaching,” said Ilyankou. “I have a passion for coding. That’s what drove me to this – I like being able to share that. For the kids, it’s a combination of programming and activities, and a good social experience.”

Written by Kathy Andrews