Advertising Internship Leads to Work at International Creativity Festival

Paris Hannon-Bogosh ’18 Attends Conference in Cannes, France, as Ogilvy & Mather Intern

Hartford, Connecticut, July 5, 2017 – This summer, Trinity College student Paris Hannon-Bogosh ’18 attended the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity from June 16 to 24 in Cannes, France. The American studies and public policy and law double major was excited to share her experience:

I was sent to the 64th Annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity through my internship with Ogilvy & Mather, an advertising agency based in New York. The festival hosts businesses, artists, and intellectuals, among others, who are invited to collaborate and interact for one week in the French Riviera.

The festival included an award show for the advertising industry where Ogilvy & Mather won multiple Cannes Lions awards for their 2017 campaigns. My primary jobs for Ogilvy were taking notes at lectures (there were up to 10 per day, lasting 45 minutes each) and contributing to their social media accounts. Also, I represented Trinity as a student delegate. This meant that I had access to academic opportunities such as workshops with professors from around the world and interactive activities with other student delegates called “Brain Dates.”

This internship was complementary to my American studies major with regards to many of the festival’s lecture topics, which ranged from data analytics, gender roles in Hollywood, and the power of storytelling, to tap-dancing performances, the economics of creativity, and the value of changing the self-esteem of an entire nation. The lecture series hosted celebrities (including Helen Mirren, Halsey, Demi Lovato, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Ian McKellen), professors, technology and advertising executives, authors, and designers. The lectures that stood out to me featured author and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, public radio host and producer Ira Glass, and Duke University Professor Dan Ariely. As a student delegate I had the opportunity to participate in workshops with Sandberg and Ariely.

I was able to draw on information from Assistant Professor of American Studies Jack Gieseking’s “Data Driven Cultures” course I took at Trinity during the lecture titled “What Data-Driven Creative Means for the Future of Advertising,” given by Molly Schweickert from Cambridge Analytica. The discussion explored how data and creative teams are dependent on each other in a new age of data-driven communications. In Prof. Gieseking’s class we were tasked with choosing a popular Twitter hashtag to follow throughout the semester as we explored data analytics.

I was also fortunate to have taken “Mapping American Masculinities” with William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor in American Institutions and Values Robert Corber before attending the festival. While many of the lectures explored gender roles in filmmaking, Ian McKellen’s lecture on his struggle as a homosexual actor in the film industry particularly resonated with Prof. Corber’s class. McKellen spoke very candidly and humorously about his struggle to reveal his sexuality throughout his career.

Prof. Ariely’s lecture was a highlight of the trip because I studied his work in Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Law Rachel Moskowitz’s “Introduction to Public Policy” course at Trinity this past spring. The Duke University professor discussed “Choice Architecture” and the behavior behind decision-making. “Choice Architecture” refers to the concept that the environment we exist in governs our choices. Further, he outlined his studies concerning the successes and failures of how to change a person’s behavior and how this largely related to reconstructing one’s environment. As a public policy and law major, I was able to relate this to Prof. Moskowitz’s class and understand the policy process in terms of human behavior. 

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity was a unique opportunity to immerse myself in a creative and intellectually stimulating environment. I was fortunate to participate as an intern while my mother, Nancy Hannon, attended on behalf of Ogilvy. We celebrated as her team accepted an award for a global print campaign. It was incredible to participate in the festival as a mother-daughter team; she represented the creative aspect of the festival and I, as a student delegate for Trinity College, represented the academic participants. The ability to explore such vastly different topics each day and learn how they can be connected was a truly rewarding experience.

Written by Paris Hannon-Bogosh ’18