Daniel Chambliss Discusses “How to Make College Work Better” in CTL Lecture

Slideshow: Faculty Members Look for Actionable and Powerful Ways to Enhance Student Experience

Hartford, CT, April 7, 2015 – Daniel Chambliss, a sociologist from Hamilton College, delivered a talk at Trinity in 2013 about his book, How College Works. Last week, he followed it up with a presentation to Trinity’s Center for Teaching and Learning, called “How to Make College Work Better,” offering members of Trinity’s faculty suggestions for actionable steps that they can use to improve the college experience for students.

With the requirement that suggestions be reliable, powerful, available, and cheap, Chambliss discussed the factors that lead to student satisfaction and success and steps that anyone on campus can take to enhance the student experience. His presentation and recommendations were based on a decade of research conducted at Hamilton and funded by the Mellon Foundation.

Photo Credit: Jane Shauck Photography