Cable TV Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble with your cable TV, try the following:

  • Confirm that the proper wall jack is being used. The cable TV jack is different than the internet jack.  Check to make sure the connection from wall to TV is tight on both ends. 

  • Has the TV been programmed to receive a cable signal? Using the menu option on the remote, the TV needs to be programmed to receive a cable signal and not antennae. Your TV must have a digital tuner. If you have an older TV, you may need to purchase a digital turner in order to view cable.

  • Has the TV been programmed to do a channel search to find all of the cable stations? Program the TV to do a channel search to add all channels available on the Trinity system.  This is particularly true the first time the TV is ever connected.  TV's can take up to 20 minutes to search for all the channels.

  • Do your neighbors have service? Most dorms are fed by a single cable line so all rooms would lose service if the cable were out, not just one. 

If after you do your own troubleshooting you are still experiencing a problem, please report the problem to the Information Services Desk at x2007.


  • Where is my cable TV jack? The college provides one cable tv jack per dorm room. If you are in a multiple occupancy dorm room, the jack is located in the common room.
  • Can I get additional premium channels?  The system the college uses does not allow for premium subscriptions.
  • I see it is DirectTV.  Why can't I get premium channels?  The college uses a variety of services to get all the channels into the system.  By combining them all for distribution on the college's wiring system, the ability to customize and subscribe to premium channels is lost.
  • How do I program my TV?  Each TV is different, but programming is usually done from the TV's menu options. If you have the choice, select cable TV, and then have it search automatically. This can take a while to complete the process.
  • What about HD programming?  All of the channels on the Trinity system are HD. Your TV will need a digital tuner to view them. If you have an older TV, you may need to purchase a digital tuner if it does not have one.
  • Can I use my DVR?  Yes you can.  You need to tell it to use the Trinity cable system as its reference point, not your home system.
  • Where can I get a cable if I forgot mine from home?  The book store sells cables, and you can also go to any electronics seller, or even Home Depot.