Windows Outlook 2016/2013/2010 Email Setup

​1.) Open the Mail option:

  • Windows 10 and 7: Click on the Windows logo or and select Control Panel. Open the Mail options. The shortcut to this will depend upon how your Control Panel view is set:
    • If you see the Classic View displayed, double click on Mail.
    • If you see the Control Panel Home, select User Accounts and then select Mail.
  • Windows 8: From Desktop mode (if in Metro mode, click on the Desktop tile), and open the Charms bar (click on the upper right corner of the screen). Click on the Search icon, select Apps as search field and type Control Panel. Open the Control Panel and select Mail.

2.) From the Mail window, click on the Add... button.

3.) A new window opens. Enter a Profile Name for your new profile (you may wish to call it Trinity). Click OK.

4.) In the Add New Account window, enter the following information in the E-mail Account section:

  • Your Name: your name
  • E-mail Address:
  • Password: your Trinity password
  • Retype Password: retype your Trinity password

5.) Click Next. Once the configuration procedure is finished, you will see a confirmation page. Click Finish.
 When you next open Outlook, you may be prompted for your username and password. Enter it in the format
The first time Outlook connects to Exchange it will cache a local copy of your account. If there is mail already in your mailbox, this could take several minutes.