Windows FortiClient VPN

Please note that this version of VPN should only be used for connecting to servers such as tamba. For access to library databases and online journals, do not use VPN, but use the library EZProxy instructions instead.

1.) Download the Windows FortiClient software on your computer.

2.) After you download the file, click on it to unzip it and then run the installer called FortiClientVPNOnlineInstaller_6.4.exe.

3.) When prompted to Choose SetupType, check the Secure Remote Access option. Follow the prompts to complete the installation (it may take several minutes to complete). Click the Finsh button if prompted to exit the install wizard.

4.) Open the FortiClient program and click on Remote Access.

5.) Click on Configure VPN and enter the following information:

  • Connection Name: Trinity
  • Remote Gateway:
  • Authentication: select Prompt on login

6.) Click Save and then click Close to exit the VPN Connection window. 

7.) Enter your credentials on the main screen:

  • Usernameusername (replace username with your Trinity username)
  • Password: your Trinity password

8.) Click Connect.

9.) To disconnect, click Disconnect.

Additional installers for other devices can be found at