provides instructional videos and activities for thousands of software packages and business skills. This year, Trinity students, faculty, and staff can access the full library for free, on any device. Faculty members can spend less time in class explaining software features, students can learn new programs or develop skills that will help land internships or interviews, and staff members can get better at programs they use every day--or get a quick refresh on that application they only use once in a while! This video explains how it works.

1.) To log in to, go to the website and click on Sign in on the top right:

2.) Click on Sign in with your orgnization portal.

3.) On the next screen, enter

4.) On the next screen, enter your Trinity username and password (whatever you use to log in to email, Moodle, WordPress, etc.​):

5.) A new window opens. Acknowledge that the information displayed is correct:


You're now able to access the full library of videos and exercises. If you are a LinkedIn user, you can display certificates for completed courses on your LinkedIn profile.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Jason B. Jones at