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Faculty Technology Exploration

Faculty Technology Exploration

Spring 2011, ITEC initiated a faculty exploration project focusing on tablet computing.  ITEC invited Trinity faculty to submit a brief proposals interested in participating in a pilot study to investigate educational applications of iPad (tablet-based) technology.  The committee received 12 proposals in exploring iPad technology for enhancing  classroom or research experience, stating their pedagogical goals.
At the conclusion of the semester long evaluation the 12 participating faculty members submitted reports  sharing their impressions on the value of tablets and summarized successes and failures in meeting their pedagogical goals.
On November 3, 2011, ITEC hosted  a Common Hour presentation from participating faculty.  Videos of the presentation are available below.


Robert Brink, "Collaborative Production Method in Film"
Stephanie Chambers, "The Urban iPad Experience" (Report)
Jack Dougherty, "iPad for On The Line web development and community outreach" (Report)
Lucy Ferris, "Constructing Thought" (Report)
Eric Galm, "iPads as Virtual Musical Instruments"
Alden Gordon, "Teaching on-site at Châteaux in the Île-de-France"
Ron Kiener, "iPad Value in Multimedia Classes" (Report)
Eduardo Lage-Otero,  "Pedagogical Value of Language Apps" (Report)
Tim Richards, "iPad - Exploratory Software Platform"
Noah Sabich, "Accessibility of French Language"
Scott Smedley, "The iPad as an Instructional Tool in the Invertebrate Zoology Lab" (Report)

Video Guide:
  • Video 1: Introduction and remarks by Professor Keiner
  • Video 2: Remarks by Eduardo Lage-Otero
  • Video 3: Remarks by Scott Smedley

Some apps that were found to be useful:

  • Dropbox for Cloud Storage
  • Attendance – Classroom attendance tracking
  • Documents to Go – Office Suite to create & edit word and excel files 

Some issues encountered:

  • Absence of USB Port
  • Flash incompatibility
  • Projection is cumbersome & unintuitive
  • Typing is difficult to master

Other observations:

  • Easy access to French Newspapers & Radio stations were useful
  • In a Science Lab setting,  easier to circulate and bring up images & diagrams
  • Viewing of maps, images and historical plans for architectural field trip has value