Library and Information Technology Committee

It shall be the responsibility of the LITC (formerly ITEC) to determine and articulate faculty priorities related to Information Services (Library and Information Technology Services) in the context of teaching, learning, and research. LITC will communicate with other faculty committees on issues related to Information Services, and in particular apprise and advocate for action from other committees when new information services opportunities emerge. LITC will keep the faculty informed about new opportunities and innovation as it relates to teaching and research initiatives.

Library and Information Technology Committee
Faculty Members:

Evans, Diana (20) 
Gordon, Alden (21)

Lloyd, Dan (21);  replacement AY 2019-20: Seth Markle​

Syta, Ewa (21); replacement AY 2019-20: Kevin Huang


Ex officio Committee Members: 

Sue Aber, Vice President, Information Services and CIO
Katie Bauer, Director of Collections, Discovery, and Access
Jason Jones, Director of Research, Instruction, Technology